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Kanghua reached strategic cooperation with German fastener buyer Leiya

Source:江阴市康华汽车紧固件制造有限公司 Time:2020-07-03 17:27:20 View:2764


On June 11, 2018, a fastener buyer from Germany, Leiya Germany, formally established a cooperative relationship with Kanghua, which also marked that the Kanghua standard was officially recognized by fastener buyers.

REYHER is an important representative of European fastener buyers. It was established in Hamburg, Germany in 1887. It is a fastener product and technology provider involved in industry, machinery and equipment manufacturing and equipment maintenance. It is also a European fastener One of the wholesalers.

As a fastener buyer, Leiya has high standards and strict requirements for the quality of the fastener products they purchase. They adhere to the consistent rigorous attitude of the Germans. After repeated testing and consideration of Kanghua fastener products, Finally, a high degree of recognition and praise was given, and a strategic cooperation agreement was signed.