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Product packaging instructions

Source:江阴市康华汽车紧固件制造有限公司 Time:2020-07-03 09:33:07 View:3029

This article introduces the packaging instructions for square welded nuts and hexagonal welded nuts. It has been painstakingly sorted out by Kanghua Company and corrected in practice. It is a scientific procedure for packaging square welded square nuts and hexagonal welded nuts.


1. Purpose and scope

1.1 Packaging to ensure that in the normal circulation process, it can withstand the impact of environmental conditions without breakage, damage, etc., to ensure safe, complete, and rapid delivery of the product to the destination.

2. Duties

2.1 The supply and marketing department is responsible for the purchase of product packaging materials.

2.2 Warehouse keeper is responsible for the inspection of packaging boxes, boxes and bags.

2.3 The boxer is responsible for the packaging and transshipment of the products.

24Quality Inspection Department is responsible for packaging inspection

3. Working procedures

3.1 Packaging occasions

3.1.1 The packaging area must be kept clean and orderly

3.1.2 The materials received from the packaging material library should be neatly placed in the workplace.

3.1.3 The products before and after packaging should be placed in the specified area and have obvious signs.

3.1.4 The conveying channel between packaging processes should be reasonable and smooth

3.1.5 The workplace should be cleaned after packaging.

3.2 Packaging requirements

3.2.1 The product before packaging must have a finished product inspection certificate. To ensure that the product is free of dirt, debris, metal shavings, miscellaneous products and other defective products before being loaded into the packaging box (bag, box, box tray).

3.2.2 If the packaged product has been surface-treated (galvanized). The product must be dry and consistent with room temperature.

3.2.3 Before packaging natural products, check that the surface oil layer is clean before packaging.

3.2.4 When packaging the products of the same customer unit, similar products shall be separately packed in woven bags of different colors.

3.3 Packaging materials

3.3.1 Packaging materials and auxiliary materials should meet the requirements of relevant national standards, and non-standard materials need to be tested and verified

Its performance should be able to meet the requirements of circulation environmental conditions.

3.3.2 Specifications

1) The carton uses yellow cardboard with a thickness of about 0.6mm.

2) The carton uses single-corrugated or double-corrugated cardboard.

3) Plastic film bag

4) Small packaging plastic bag

6) Automatic strapping machine belt

5) There are three colors of woven bags: green, yellow and white

3.3.3 According to customer requirements when customers have special packaging materials requirements

4. Packaging equipment

4.1 Material funnel.

42 electronic scale

4.3 UP600PP automatic strapping machine

4.4 Portable sealing machine.

5. Packaging process technical requirements

5.1 Metrology

5.1.1 First use an electronic scale to weigh out the weight of 100 products and multiply by 10 to get the weight per thousand. Then weigh out the weight of each box (bag) packed in thousands.

5.2 Boxing, boxing, bagging

5.2.1 Put a label on the outside of the box

5.2.2 Cartoning can be divided into a single person or several people to form a streamlined operation, respectively completing the sorting, counting or weighing, and placing the certificate before packing and packing.

5.2.3 Bundling, put the packed products on the work surface of the strapping machine (should be placed gently), and the automatic strapping machine will pack

5.24 Bagging, counting and weighing, bagging, and a snakeskin bag lined with a plastic bag.

5.2.5 Keep your hands clean when packing, boxing, and bagging.

6. Marking requirements

6.1 The packaging boxes, bags, boxes, and barrels should have signs or labels on the outside. The signs should be correct, clear, complete, and firm, and the inner goods should be consistent with the signs.

6.2 Logo content

6.2.1 Name of product manufacturer

6.2.2 Product name

6.2.3 Marks required by product standards

6.2.4 Product quantity and net weight

6.2.5 Packing date or production batch number

6.2.6 Product quality mark

6.2.7 According to customer requirements when requested by the customer

7. Packaging inspection

7.1 Packaging inspection must first check whether the finished product has passed the inspection.

72 Whether the packaging materials meet the requirements.

7.3 Whether the measuring instruments are correct and within the validity period of the verification.

74 Whether the measurement conversion is correct or not must be checked frequently.

7.5 Is the packaging process standardized?

7.6 Packaging quality inspection, whether the sealing is reliable, and whether the packing is firm.

7.7 Whether there are errors in the signs or labels, and whether they are correct and firm

7.8 Check whether the appearance of the package is damp, damaged, contaminated, etc. before shipment. Re-cleaning or surface treatment is required if necessary

The above introduction is mainly applicable to the packaging guidance of welded square nuts and hexagonal welded nuts. Strict implementation of the above scheme can standardize the production order of the workshop.