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Quality feedback system-8D report

Source:江阴市康华汽车紧固件制造有限公司 Time:2020-07-03 09:34:39 View:2943

Kanghua Company has its own unique set of problem-solving system for welding nuts. Following this system can solve the problem efficiently.

Describe the problem: (Describe the problem of welding square nuts or hexagonal welding nuts)


(D1) Form a team and determine the scope. (Must have problem-solving skills, knowledge and power)

(D2) Identify and describe the problem. (5W, 2H when, what, where, what, how much, who, how, and why)

(D3) Temporary measures. (Direct countermeasures should include parts handling of suppliers, customers, and intermediate warehouses during transportation and the maintenance of normal production)

(D4) Determine the root cause. (Identify and verify root cause

(D5) Verification of corrective actions.

(D6) Long-term countermeasures. (Select and implement long-term countermeasures

(D7) Preventive measures. (Prevent repetition and similar problems)

(D8) Summary of group results.

Through the above 8 steps, the problem of welding square nuts or hexagonal welding nuts can be solved perfectly